Community for an age-friendly society


Contact person: 
Jacqueline Bowman-Busato; Dr Andrea Pavlickova
Contact email: 
jacqueline.bowman@epposi.org; andrea.pavlickova@epposi.org
Interest areas: 
Care & Cure
Evidence-based deployment
Market barriers
European Innovation partnership: 
Other information: 
Founded in 1994, EPPOSI is an independent, not‐for‐profit, partnership-based and multi‐stakeholder think tank based in Brussels, Belgium. Its goal is to work at the "cutting edge" of European health policy‐making, providing members and the wider public with high‐quality independent research, capacity-building, knowledge exchange and dissemination with the aim of bridging the gap between innovation and improved public health outcomes. EPPOSI enables consensus‐driven, equally-weighted outcomes between the different stakeholder groups of its membership: patients’ organisations, science and industry. EPPOSI is open to members from EU‐facing umbrella patients’ organisations, commercial enterprises and their related trade bodies, research institutes, professional and business federations. With its unique multi-stakeholder membership and approach, EPPOSI is focusing its programmes on four research areas: chronic conditions management, heath technology assessment, innovation in healthcare, and rare diseases.
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Main location: 
Brussels, Belgium