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Carewell Project for the Development of a New Organizational Model Based on Integrated Care for Chronic and Elderly Patients through ICTs

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Osakidetza and Kronikgune Carewell coordinate the project involving various organizations from nine European countries ( UK, Italy, Croatia , Poland, Denmark , Germany and Belgium ) for the development and implementation of a cost-effective new organizational model based on the attention comprehensive care coordination and fragile , elderly and chronic patients , through the use of Information Communication and Information ( ICTs).

Indeed, the work being carried out in the Basque Country in relation to the chronic care , old age and dependency, one of the strategies of the Department of Health and Osakidetza placed in the Basque Autonomous Community of the regions European pioneers in this field to take the lead in this European project. In Euskadi , the incorporation of new information technologies ( digital medical records , electronic health folder or recipe ), along with the care and health integration in the Basque health system is allowing better communication between health professionals and well improve and facilitate the patient's life .

In this line, the Carewell project will help improve the sustainability of the health system not only of the regions involved in the study but will be transferable to any region or country who is interested.The objective is to propose , implement and validate new organizational models based on the development of two services: integrated care coordination and patient empowerment and support at home through ICTs. A new model for the one hand , more and better coordination and communication of health professionals ( primary care, specialty ) and social professionals through communication channels that facilitate the exchange of patient information and patient communication or caregiver with medical or counseling centers in ways that do not require moving the patient to the health center .Moreover, the project aims to empower the patient , ie , that this known more his illness , for which the patient is educated on their disease and the recognition of symptoms and allow better monitoring of patient outcome in home through centers for consultation and the use of telemonitoring systems vary according to the patient's pathology , thus avoiding hospitalization thereof.Carewell started its journey this February prepilotaje a phase that will be held in the Basque Country and the region of Puglia , Italy, for its experience and greater implementation of ICT . Later he will develop the pilot simultaneously in 9 European countries that are part of the project. It will last 36 months and has a budget of 5,851,501 euros, of which 50% is funded by the European Commission. Kronikgune osakidetza and provide about 600,000 euros.