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In this section members of the ENGAGED Community can find key documents relating to the work of, or produced by, the Thematic Network. Documents for publication in this section can, at this moment only be submitted by ENGAGED partners.

The Final Conference of the ENGAGED Thematic Network for Active & Healthy Ageing (AHA) was held on June 3, 2015 in Eindhoven. This conference is part of ‘Think Dementia’, the final event of the Interreg IV-B project INNOVATE Dementia. The ENGAGED and the Interreg IV-B project e-Ucare have jointly organised the track “Market Implementation” within this international event, in cooperation with Brabant, region of Smart Health.

This roadmap has been designed in the ENGAGED Thematic Network in order to achieveUser Empowerment. User involvement is one of the major barriers for the introduction ofinnovative solutions for active and healthy ageing (AHA). Therefore this roadmap aims toinvolve (and to keep involved) in a relatively short period of time a sufficient number of usersto reach a critical mass so that it can affect the political decisions affecting the Europeanmarket for active and healthy ageing.

This roadmap aims at providing valuable information on the status and key elements ofnetwork sustainability and, ultimately, concrete actions to be carried out to reinforce andensure the sustainability of the network. Alignment with the EIP AHA will be considered as acrosscutting issue in the contribution of this roadmap. The roadmap provides a list ofrecommendations and activities framed along a timeline, which comprises milestones anddevelopment periods.

This roadmap aims to develop and implement of a European monitoring framework for impactassessment of independent living solutions in testing grounds/ reference sites for wide scaledeployment across Europe. A European monitoring framework for impact assessment couldhelp to implement and scale up innovative solutions in a region or country. If this isdeveloped and used in a joined collaboration with regions across Europe it is possible to reachscale on the evidence, to compare the outcomes of similar solutions/ interventions and tocommunicate about the evidence on a bigger scale.

This document describes the rationale behind and the process up to a roadmap for designingand suggesting new business models with the purpose to give all (current and new)stakeholders in the healthcare and care industry a better way to meet future demands. Thechange process is spurred and enabled by an increasing digital dimension of the work carriedout in healthcare and social care. This document also provides a high-level view on theactivities and milestones that form the basis for the roadmap itself and will be used as a partof a combined roadmap.

Welcome to the 5th Newsletter from the Engaged Project.

Along with project news, this edition features:

  • The Momentum project and its blueprint for doing telehealth
  • Details of the Responsible-Industry project's workshop on responsible Research and Innovation in ICT for ageing
  • New data from the Active Ageing Index

together with details of the Engaged project's own Final Conference (see also Events)

This document contains the minutes of the multi-site Roadmapping Event that took place on 25 November featuring contributions from Brussels, Kent and Barcelona.

This is the fourth newsletter from the Engaged Network and is prepared by our friends and colleagues in the AGE Platform Europe.

This edition contains reports on a number of key events organised by the newtwork or its partners and includes the Business Models Workshop held in Bucharest, Community Friendly Plans Event in Letterkenny, Ireland and the network presence at the World Health and Design Forum held in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

News from the Project & its growing Community. The Third edition of the ENGAGED newsletter.

This is the third newsletter published by our colleagues and partners at AGE. This edition contains further news of project activity including the mutual learning workshops, other project news and the opportunity to Save the Date for more exciting events in Romania and the Netherlands.


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