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Exchange Event - Mutual Learning Strategies and Tools

3 Jun 2014 - 12:00 to 17:00

The event is taking place in the framework of ENGAGED, a thematic network in the field of active and healthy ageing. It aims at discussing regional practices for eHealth that encompass clinical issues, the workforce, community engagement and business models. Presentations and discussions will particularly highlight solutions and tools for best practices on implementation and upscaling. Background Information •

Regional innovation clusters Kent has been selected as a United Kingdom national pioneer from over 100 expressions of interest: thirteen other sites have received the award. The opportunity provided by being a pioneer site is quite unique. It offers the opportunity to redesign the region's care system by putting the patient or the citizen at the centre, incorporating appropriate technology and do this at pace and scale. • The future of the European Innovation Partnership in supporting these solutions and tools The presence of European Commission representatives at this event will provide an invaluable opportunity to explore the most effective way to coordinate efforts. This will ultimately help to deliver better healthcare and more effective eHealth services by putting the citizen at the centre.

The focus will be on both present and future eHealth tools and solutions.

Programme Outline •

Identification of implementation tools and scaling up strategies in:

1. Health and Care Workforce Integration

2. Community Management

3. Business Models •

Identification of solutions used at regional level to foster innovation

1. Technology to empower the citizen in monitoring and information sharing, monitoring systems, and information platforms (such as Patients Know Best, Yecco);

2. Persons with dementia as a key clinical cohort to act as an indicator of change;

3. System outcome measures to show change in system with three key elements --‐ clinical / professional, experience and financial linked to peer review across and within regions,;

4. Culture change for citizens, as well as health and social care professionals;

5. Workforce changes for current and future workforces linked to training and education;

6. Exchange of students and trainees (on the basis of academic/professional specialization).

NOTICE: The quantitative data that will be presented during the event have been gathered through an online questionnaire developed under the European project ENGAGED.

12.00--‐13.00 Networking lunch 13.00--‐13.15 Opening speech Dr Robert Stewart Chair Integration Pioneer Steering Group Anne Tidmarsh Director Older People and Physical Disability KCC 13.15--‐13.45 Use of Ambient Assistive Technologies for services and solutions: putting citizen in the centre. Wojciech Dziworski Head of Sector ‘Innovation for Health and Consumers’, European Commission, DG Health and Consumers 13.45--‐14:30 Tools and solutions for scaling up: strategies for innovation Session facilitated by Robert Stewart Jennifer Bremner Director, European Health Management Association Marc Lange, Secretary General European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) Andrea Pavlickova European Service Development Manager, Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare 14.30--‐15.00 Innovation Hub introduction: good practices in Europe Session facilitates by Diane Whitehouse, EHTEL Dr. Robert Stewart Kent Innovation Hub, Chairman Katrine Videl, IT consultant, Regions Southern Denmark The Integrated Care Centre 15.00 – 15.15 Coffee Break 15.15--‐16.00 The Innovation Hubs Session Shared Care Planning Matt Hector--‐Taylor Managing Director, founder of HSAGlobal How does this relate to improving the situation for people with chronic conditions e.g., dementia, and their carers? How can this help us to reflect on new ways of working, and the wellbeing of citizens? 16.00 – 16.55 Workshop Session Parallel Session A: Shared Care Plan approach --‐ benefits, risks and lessons learnt. Parallel Session B: Impact of Innovation Hubs --‐ how will they bring an added value. Participants will work in groups and discuss lessons learnt, opportunities and threats in health and care workforce, community management and business models 16:55--‐17:00 Closing remarks
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