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Assemblée des Régions d’Europe

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Core group
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European network (Regional government: directors & politicians)

With 254 member regional authorities from 33 countries, the Assembly of European Regions (ARE) is the largest independent interregional organisation in Europe. The ARE Social Policy and Public Health Committee, and the ARE e-he@lth network more specifically, are active in fields such as demographic change, active and healthy ageing, integrated care, modernizing health and social systems, innovation and change management. ARE’s role is to help regions learn from each other, build capacity and adapt and implement successful models in their territories. To achieve this. ARE organizes capacity-building workshops and international conferences for regional decision-makers and officers.
ARE will mainly be active in work package 5 Dissemination and Awareness Raising.

Key person: 
Ourania Georgoutsakou, Camille Bullot

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