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Province of Noord-Brabant - Community Of Regions of Assisted Living (CORAL)

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Core group
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European network

The province of Noord-Brabant is an upper regional authority in the Netherlands. About 2.5 million inhabitants are living in the province. The Province is initiator of the long term Smart Care program in which barriers are solved for wider deployment of smart care solutions for independent living, prevention and screening & early diagnosis and integrated care. This has been achieved by building a community with new coalitions between stakeholder organizations across the whole value chain. More than500 people are involved in this community of stakeholders of the whole the value chain. New regional policies have been developed for targeted deployment. Also a strategy for raising awareness of users (citizens and formal and informal carers and housing servants).

The province of Noord-Brabant initiated with some other active regions a European network for the development of regional policy on wide scale deployment of AHA and AAL solutions, named: Community Of active Regions for Assisted living (CORAL). Already 25 regions and regional and local cluster organizations of companies, social organizations, user organizations and knowledge institutes participate actively in the network. Strategies and methods for commitment and mutual learning have been developed by the means of learning by doing. Also new policy for the use of social media and other ICT tools which support the community building in the region and on a national and interregional level across Europe. On behalf of CORAL the province of Noord-Brabant will lead the content and knowledge management in WP 1 and some of the tasks of WP 2 regarding community building and overall coordination of WP 3 Operationalisation.

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Edwin Mermans, Jolanda Schneider

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