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Regione Puglia

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Working group
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CORAL region

Puglia Region’s Department Industrial Research and Innovation is in charge of regional cluster and innovation policies and funds programs aimed at strengthening collaborative projects between research institutions and SMEs, internationalization of regional cluster as well as the set up of PPP which can contribute to research driven innovation and business opportunities for user-centered and innovative technological solution.

Independent living is increasingly becoming a domain of support for regional and national programs and for this purpose tThe Department has recently launched several initiative which combine the use of Living Labs with Pre-commercial Procurement aimed at purchasing products and services whose prototypes are tested in a real-life operating environment. A regional innovation partnership on Ambient Assisted Living called “INNOVAAL” has been recently set up and includes relevant Public and Private actors and it is a public-private Aggregation for the Research, Development, Validation ad Demonstration of Innovative Service and Technologies for “Ambient Assisted Living”.

Being member of the Smart Specialization Platform S3, Puglia Region will link up and share knowledge and tools developed in the S3 platform.

Puglia Region will work principally on work package 3 open and mutual learning activities.

Key person: 
Adriana Agrimi, Annamaria Zonno

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