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Region Sjælland

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Working group
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CORAL region

Region Zealand is one of five regions in Denmark, and is responsible for providing healthcare to approximate 800.000 citizens, both primary care, psychiatry and hospital services. Region Zealand has a budget around 2,15 billion EU. Over 90 pct. of the budget goes to financing the healthcare system. Region Zealand is overseen by The Regional Council which consists of 41 politicians, who are publicly elected. Region Zealand is already involved in projects with other EU-partners focusing on research and innovation. Region Zealand is currently working on the issue of prevention from a variety of angles. Special attention is given to prevention of (re-)hospitalization of elderly, medical patients by follow-up initiatives in the patient’s home on the basis of new stratification models.

Region Zealand will work mainly on work package 3 mutual learning.

Key person: 
Esther Davidsen, Anne Rhein-Knudsen

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