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United Kingdom

The Young Foundation’s involvement in healthcare over many decades has combined research, policy influence and the creation of new social innovations. It has pioneered ideas of active ageing and patient empowerment and helped launch ventures ranging from Healthline (the precursor to NHS Direct) to the Patients Association, Language Line (now a very large global business) to the College of Health (which pioneered patients working with doctors and nurses to understand patient experience).

The Young Foundation has published extensively on social innovation, and presented at academic and other conferences on the topic in over 50 countries. The Young Foundation founded and coordinates the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX). SIX’s mission is to be known as a reputable source for research, action, and intelligence which is contributing to a growing global movement to build the field of social innovation. It is now the world’s primary network bringing together individuals and organizations involved in the field of social innovation. SIX is a global community of over 3000 individuals and organisations. With the strong backing of President Barroso, we also host the Social Innovation Europe initiative (SIE), which works to connect policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics and third sector workers with other social innovators from across Europe. Young Foundation will bring in our experiences and skills in WP 2 regarding the community building and WP 3 regarding the development of the Hub portal and promotion of open learning and development of meeting space. They also take care of dissemination activities through the SIE and SIX.

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Simon Tucker, Sylvia Wyatt, Louise Pulford

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