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Associacion Centro de Excellencia Internacional en Investigacion de la cronicidad

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Working group
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CORAL region

KRONIKGUNE, organization set up by the Basque Government within the R&D strategy to study ageing, chronic diseases and healthy living The Department of Health and Consumers’ Affairs of the Basque Government is strongly committed with the transformation of Health Systems for the treatment of chronic patients; hence promoting the Ageing Well and healthy living of older people and focusing on prevention and promotion and assuring continuity of care. KRONIKGUNE has been created as a center of international excellence in research on chronicity. It holds the institutional representation on international projects and actions aimed at developing products and services and their deployment for the Basque population. KRONIKGUNE is one of the specialised regional entities in the design, implementation and assessment of the regional policies and strategies in AAL and Chronic Care.

The Basque Country is a pioneer region in socio-health policies as it is well demonstrated by OSAREAN (tele-health) and BETI-ON (tele-care) projects. Both projects are large scale implementation of AAL Technologies and cover the whole Basque population. Moreover, the Basque Country Health system participates in two projects (PALANTE and SUSTAINS) from the 2011 call of the CIP ICT-PSP programme targeted at empowering patients and supporting widespread deployment of telemedicine services.

KRONIKGUNE will work principally on work package 3 mutual learning activities.

Key person: 
Esteban Manuel Keenoy

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